Think term insurance for you and your family when you are healthy

When you are shopping around for term insurance – especially for that added measure of financial protection for the family – you certainly want affordable premiums. Currently, Foresters offers among the best rates for term coverage, compared to other insurance providers.

Annual term insurance rates in the following table are standard, which can also be reduced from 10 to 25 percent under preferred health categories. So, if you have no history of major health problems, your annual premium with Foresters will likely be at the lowest rate possible. Ideally, you should capitalize on this opportunity to purchase term insurance for you and the family when you are still in good health.

The average annual rates below are based on a $500,000 term policy.

Through Foresters, spouses can take advantage of the joint policy and enjoy special rates on term insurance for couples – less than individual coverage. This type of policy is an excellent replacement for mortgage insurance.

If you qualify and want to buy much larger amounts of term insurance, annual rates are progressively lower for policies of $1 million or more.

Term plans have a locked-in insurability feature, which means you can purchase another policy up to age 85, while still in good health, without the need for annual medicals. Renewing your term insurance is highly desirable for added financial protection and peace of mind.

These plans from Foresters are not static. A term plan can easily be converted to permanent insurance, allowing you to build equity and borrow against a life insurance policy.

As a non-traditional life insurance provider, Foresters is a membership-based fraternal benefits organization that invests in its members, their families, and their communities. Beyond term insurance, this 135-year-old company offers a wide range of benefits including affordable life insurance and various financial products, as well as providing scholarships, legal services, and community service activities.